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4 Ways Banks Must Change Their Marketing in the Coming Recession

Alright, yes, there are significant problems in the banking world. But instead of dwelling on the negatives, let’s talk about how banks and credit unions can crush it during a recession. As the global economy faces tough times, financial marketers need to step up their marketing game to survive and thrive. […]

JPMorgan buys First Republic Bank's assets
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FDIC Seizes First Republic Bank JPMorgan to Take Control Amidst Regional Bank Crisis

While JPMorgan claims to have saved the day, the acquisition appears to have been solely for their own benefit, with an estimated $5 billion profit over the next five years, while the FDIC is set to cover $13 billion in losses. This acquisition has led to the stock prices of regional banks plunging, with every regional bank stock down today. […]

Market Crash
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Deposit Flight Intensifies as Customers Withdraw Funds from Three Major US Banks

Leading US financial institutions, including Charles Schwab, State Street, and M&T, faced significant challenges in the first quarter as customers withdrew almost $60 billion in combined bank deposits. This trend has been accelerated by the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and two other US lenders, resulting in cash moving out of bank accounts at a pace not seen since the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. […]

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Banks still struggling with Digital Marketing

Despite the rapid growth of digital technology in the banking industry, the level of digital marketing maturity is still lagging behind in comparison to other industries. A recent study revealed that while many banks have implemented some form of digital marketing, only a few have reached an advanced stage of maturity. […]